Business Acquisition

PT Charoen Pokphand Tbk finally annexed 7-Eleven convenience store business from PT Modern International Tbk (MDRN). The acquisition value of 7-Eleven reached Rp 1 trillion. This news confirmed the rumors that circulated in March (Daily Kontan, March 20, 2017).

Tjiu Thomas Effendy, President Director of PT Charoen Pokphand Tbk. Said that the acquisition of 7-Eleven business network in Indonesia is just waiting for approval of MDRN shareholder. About the funds, we take from the company’s internal cash, said Thomas to Kontan, (21/4/2017).

The results of the two companies agreement, will be completed before 30 June 2017, after all conditions are met. If successful, Thomas has prepared the scenario of running a 7-Eleven business to get out of the losses. We can change the concept later, now the concept of MDRN, Thomas said.


During this time, Modern International resembles 7-Eleven business as a fast-food restaurant business unit combined …

Digital Age of Philanthropic niche

Digital Age

Nowadays the use of digital technology increasingly massive and growing, which is characterized by the rise of online platforms in financial services (financial technology / fintech). Interestingly, beyond the fintech service trend, community fund-raising activities for social (philanthropy) online are also blooming.
Awareness of the emergence of the strength of online platform for a variety of activities, was able to become an alternative philanthropy activities. Even the use of the platform is not only done to attract more donors, but ideally it is used to perform monitoring and evaluation of the program itself.
“In conservation activities, we have been using technology, including communications and information technology, which is uniformly distributed in a variety of organizational activities, especially involving broad stakeholders,” said Dini Indrawati Septiani, Associate Director of Philanthropy at international nonprofit, Nature conservation through releases to
Since 2015, Dini and its agencies have attracted donors from diverse …

Pet shop as the name implies, is a pet shop that caters buying and selling goods for pets, as well as day care and pet care. Pet is composed of various types, such as birds, dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, and various other types of pets.

To open a pet shop business, major capital must have a hobby and an interest in animals. But that alone is not enough, because it takes some other requirements that the business you get up can develop as expected. Here’s how to start a pet shop business, which can be used as a reference:

1. Prepare a Place of Business

Place of business for the establishment of the best pet shop is located in a place that is easily accessible and can be easily viewed by the general public, such as near highway. But should that place little further inside so it is not too

1. Become a Writer Release

Currently, quite a lot of you know freelancer profession as a freelance writer, be it writing articles in English or writing articles Indonesian. For the article in English is usually the pricing is more expensive than Indonesian article. There are few places that can be explored to get a job from people who are looking for an article writer.

Why are so many people living as a freelance writer? Still dealing with online business model in point 3, the online business by building a blog / website portal. Usually blogs / websites that had started many visitors would need to employ article writers to update content. More and more content is built, then the chances of getting traffic will also increase. That’s why freelance writers are often sought by the owner of the blog / website.

However, you have to be selective to register

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Any time there is a problem with money, it may feel as if you may have to deal with it straight away. At times, which is unachievable. Even so, payday cash loans allow you to to care for some fiscal problems immediately. Just follow these suggestions to be sure to really know what online payday loans are all about.

Don’t basically hop in the vehicle and generate onto the nearest pay day loan lender to get a connection bank loan. Even though you know in which a single business is, check out other loan solutions in your town to determine if they have decrease prices. A short little bit of research could lead to big savings.

Take a …

Having run the administrative end of a number of little firms, I learned how to navigate the requirements for unemployment insurance for our employees. Over the years, we’ve created much more than a business connection, I see them as family members. Planet Wide Brands does encourage its users to raise their voices when a supplier for a particular solution doesn’t exist, so that they can go out and locate a supplier for it. Nevertheless, this won’t happen right away. Excellent for freelancers: Chameleon Theme permits you to create a modest company web site rapidly, with numerous rapidly choices to customize background patterns (either preset or custom). Businesses are occasionally scrambling into emerging markets that have been once regarded as also unstable to support company.

Currently my cephalopod jewelry is sent out in an organza present bag in a color that compliments the piece, colorful tissue paper, a shipping box that …

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There are plenty of facts to consider when you will get a cash advance. Before deciding you wish to get yourself a payday loan, be sure that you know many of the common info that may be linked to them. So check out the following tips, to find out what things to consider when taking out a pay day loan.
Discover what a payday financial institution requirements to know about you before, you try to acquire cash. Most lenders want to find out concerning your existing work, and expect one to happen to be there for about six months time with a typical paycheck. You must likewise be able to indicate an deal with which you …

Crucial Things to Consider in Business Investment

There are several things to look upon so as to open up a business. To start up a business, you have to agree within yourself whether you want to start big or small. When you start small in business, be very careful not to incur huge losses in the beginning as this would cost you your money and business. To avoiding losing all your money, use money that is not meant for other purposes such as paying household bills or paying school fees for your children so as to enable you rise easily on your feet in case the business does not succeed.

Investigate how a small business carries out its business before investing your money there. Get to know how a small enterprise performs in the market before financing it. Avoid investing in businesses that are starting up so as to maximize

Ajay Beri- Advice On Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is all about talent. Ajay Beri identifies the importance of creativity in the art of entrepreneurship. It is common for several businesses to come down after some period of time due to lack of creative minds.You need to ensure that you pump fresh ideologies and innovations on your business for it to have a great future. The article highlights some of the important points in entrepreneurship according to Ajay Beri.

You Need To Have The Right Attitude

For your new venture to succeed, you have to set your mind in the right direction. The positive attitude allows you to come up with targets and goals for your business and work on achieving them. Ajay Beri knows that various challenges are bound to emerge during the business period, but it is the determined entrepreneurs that will prevail. Different enterprise break even during different times and …