Is Tuition Necessary in Singapore?

Education is the foundation for the development of a country. It builds competence and confidence in the people to take on challenges, to find innovative solutions and to take logical decisions. Nowadays, Singapore is known as the ‘tuition city’, since most of the adults have either been tutored or having their kids to be tutored. The day when one starts to prepare for the job search on his/her own is the day he/she starts the proper education. In the aspect of education in Singapore, grades are more important as it serves a gateway for more opportunities as well as for the better paying job. So most of the parents make their children attend the tuition from primary school to excel in their studies. In the case of math tuition center in Singapore has many centers and it allows parents to choose best for their children. One can consider whether tuition is really necessary before planning to join.

Bright students would be motivated, consistent and organized in self-studying. They will also do additional studies external to the school from different sources. They would have good time management between non-academic and academics activities. They seek help from school teachers when they have any doubt in subjects. On the other hand, Parents will also be actively involved in their child’s learning and also have good communication with their child to understand the child’s other needs and difficulties. To the Contrary, not every student is self-studying and motivated as they are already struggling with many subjects and non-curricular activities. And also after-school they need some leisure time like hanging out with friends. Most of the parents are generally working for long hours or are not able to keep up with the child education.

Difference between School and Tuition teaching:

In Singapore school, teachers conduct mass lectures as there are many students per class. And so they can give attention to every particular student’s remedial classes, administrative work and marking of student’s homework. Also, teachers can only cover some important topics due to time constraint and concentrate more on practicing and answering model questions correctly. As a result, many of the students carry on with the concept of memorizing without understanding the concepts of the subjects. Understanding the concepts saves all the time to memorize the topics and prevents students from over studying. And this is the main reason why students seek tuition. Tuitions give students to be more open to asking their doubts. Tutors will also give them short-cut techniques and answers for a better understanding of the subject.

Every student can attend tuition, there are no restrictions for students to attend tuitions. A Bright student who scores well can go to tuition to maintain their grade. While the Average students can go to tuition in hope to improve their grade. And weaker students would attend tuition to pass the exams. Tuition is not necessary it’s a choice one makes in life for development according to his skills. It mainly depends on every individual’s objective towards their studying skills. To search for better tutors and tuition centers visit here. Good results and grades are important but eventually, the balance of a student’s mind is more important. The necessity of the tuition purely depends on the student themselves. Tuition just supports the education of a student as a pillar, in the end, it’s still the individual student’s capability and also there is no doubt that it’s still the necessity in Singapore at least at the moment.