9 Lessons Learned: Transportation

How Buses Have Evolved Over The Years

A bus is one of the modern means of transportation in today’s era. Not owning a car is not a problem as you can commute by bus. Driving to far places can be tiring but you can have the option to ride a bus. Whatever is the reason, buses make people’s lives easier.

Before buses existed, people had a hard time traveling. About two centuries ago, even after the invention of steam engine automobiles or steam cars, the most popular means of transportation for people living in cities were horse-drawn omnibus or horse buses. This “bus” is carried by one or two horses with the driver seating at the front of a cabin that is enclosed has side benches inside. Some horse buses were even the double decker type where few people are seated on top of the enclosed cabin seated back to back, and the cabin is carried by three horses.

It may look like a fun experience today, but back in the days, you can tell how unpleasant it must have been for some passengers. Horses can get really smelly and cranky. The heavy load and long hours of travel can tire horses and this can slow down the travel time. Horse flu existed back then, and it caused a halt to many horse-drawn transportations.

Cable cars were introduced next back in the 19th century. Although it was efficient and wonderfully designed, the operational costs were too much and officials were worried for the safety of the passengers.

After this, the trolley bus came into existence. Trolley bus or street cars follow the rails in city streets with routes set to various places for picking and dropping off passengers. This had greatly affected the workplace positively as people in the country side could then travel to cities quicker than before. The rising economy back then was due to the invention of street cars and the increased workforce in the industry. Even today, street cars still exist and are being used by some cities.

The next invention was the motor bus which was even more favorable than the previous transport means. With this invention, the number of people commuting increased. The designs of the buses have also evolved and changed to increase the number of passengers per trip.

Life in the city can get very busy every single day. In the Big Apple alone, more than 2 million people use the bus to go to work every day. Another big city, Chicago, has a record of 19,000 trips of buses every day.

The fact that millions of people use the bus daily, you could definitely imagine it getting dirty throughout the day.

A bus wash is important to keep the bus clean and for passengers to feel comfortable not to get sick when riding the bus. A great bus wash company can provide efficient cleaning of buses and other related services. A clean bus is what many people want and need, and thankfully, there are bus wash services to keep in track with the demand.