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Exercises for Pregnant Women

Many women are afraid of adding weight during pregnancy. It is normal to put on weight when pregnant and many women actually put on weight during their pregnancies. However, weight gain during pregnancy varies from person to person. But it is quite possible to stay in shape during and after pregnancy if you take care of your diet and do some exercise.

When it comes to top exercises for pregnant women; there are several options that women can use. While recommending a fitness program for pregnant women, doctors lay strong emphasis upon the importance of maintaining healthy muscle tone, enhanced circulation, and building stamina. These exercises are good as they assist you to stay fit during pregnancy and also assist you in dealing with the delivery stress and get back to your pre-pregnancy body faster and quicker.

Some of the exercises that can be done during pregnancy include.
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Seated High Row: This allows you to toughen your upper back. Sit on the ground with your legs spread outward. Next you bend your knees a little and ensure that your spine is in a fine position. You can wrap an exercise tube around your feet and cross it to create an X letter beyond your legs. With each of your hand, hold onto the handles. Move the handles backward but keeping the elbows up and back rather than taking out the sides. Keep your upper arms held vertically on the floor and put the shoulders down.
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The Leg Raise Crawl increases the toughness to your buttocks and hamstrings. Aside from that, it also allows your baby to be at rest in the proper head-down pose while executing the exercise. Get down with your body weight equally spread and your hands stretched straight. Raise your left knee slowly and take it toward you elbow. You can now stretch your leg out and back and avoid curling your back and don’t lock your knee either.

If you have not tried yoga then you ought to as it provides you with a great way of relaxing and exercising. There are gyms that offer special yoga classes for expectant women. Stretching exercises that are common in yoga help your muscles to be limber, relieve stress and toughen your back muscles. It is also a good way of allowing you to get away from the everyday stresses and concentrate on what is taking place in your body.It helps in improving your mental health as well as keeps you fit and healthy overall.

Before signing up for any fitness program, ensure that you have consulted with your doctor. All pregnant women are not the same, and as such not all can handle the same type of exercise.