Business Opportunity: Sell Design Services on the Internet

What Do You Need To Start A Design Services Business?

With the development of internet business, of course many people who need graphic design services. To create a website, create covers, create promotional banners, create landing pages, obviously all require design skills. For that, you can start a business in the field of design services.


So, what do you need to start a business in the field of design services?

Here are some things you need to prepare to start a business in the field of design services.

  1. Design capability. Of course this is an absolute requirement. You must have a qualified and reliable design capability. Being able to use a variety of graphics processing applications (such as Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.) is clearly an obligation for those of you who want to work in the field of design.
  2. Website. This website you use for where you offer design services. Describe the website as an “office” where you meet clients, where you offer clients, where you feature your portfolio. It would be nice if you have a website with domain name. Com / other top level domains. Imagine you have a web with the address “”, of course the professional impression you can lead in front of clients. Through this web you can display your various portfolios.
  3. Portfolio. As with any service business, you must have a portfolio. The presence of a portfolio can convince potential clients that they want to use your services.

Those are the three things you must have when you want to start a business in design services.

What if you do not have a portfolio yet?

If you do not have a portfolio, obviously you have to create a portfolio. Portfolio you can get in various ways. This can be your way to participate in various activities on campus. Thus, you can create various designs that you will use in the activities you follow. Well the design could be your portfolio.

In addition, you can also create a portfolio by starting offering your services to early clients. These early clients are like your fellow friends, startup actors on your campus, or any acquaintances you have. In the beginning you can start by offering services at a lower rate. It aims to attract clients and build your portfolio.

If the portfolio already exists then you will surely be more confident to get the next clients.

How to Make Your Business Design Services Easily Discovered By Clients

The design capability alone is not enough. It would be better if you also have marketing skills. If you are just starting a business and doing everything yourself, then you need to learn marketing.

Marketing skills are need to market your services. Inevitably, you must promote to make your business easy to find by others.

Currently there are many media that can be used for the promotion of services. You can use various social media (like Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus, Linkedin, etc.) to promote your services.

In addition, the presence of marketplace services can also be used for the promotion of your services.

Especially if you already have a website. If you already use the website as your service marketing partner, you need to make the website occupy the first page of Google search. In fact, if you can your web is ranked first for search around design services.

How to get your website ranked 1st on Google?

I’ve reviewed the answer in the following article: How To Implement SEO In order for your Web Ranking 1 on Google.

For those of you who want to learn SEO and make your website ranked first Google, you can read SEO book that I write. One of them is this: A Beginners SEO Guide For Bloggers.

The point I want to convey is that there are now many business opportunities available on the internet. If we have the ability that can be sold, the ability can we sell through the internet. It does not matter where you are. Whether you’re in a megapolitan city like Jakarta or you’re in a small town in remote Sumatra, you can still work. While you have the ability and can access the internet, you can sell your skills to all over Indonesia (even the world).