Easy Steps to Become a Successful Designer

Fashion is an interesting thing to discuss in terms of anything. In terms of consumers, they are always interested to use and follow the developments that occur. Especially if there is a unique fashion products, cheap, and quality. In terms of successful designers, of course interesting also considering its market share is definitely widespread and never run out (of course, because the number of people is always increasing). An easy opportunity to penetrate the industry.

Various ways can be taken to get involved in it. Various professions and business can be occupied. Some of them are by being a fashion designer (designer), fashion journalist, ‘fashion stylist’, and so forth. In this article, what will be discussed detail is about how to become a successful designer.


Let’s see the steps

1. Confirm the intention

Before stepping to the next stage, this first stage is a thing to think about first. Firmly intent. Ask yourself again the desire to become a designer. Whether the desire really comes from the heart, or just joining in, or because of promising business opportunities and opportunities. By answering the question, you will know how and where to proceed.

If the desire to be a designer comes from the heart and indeed the call of the soul, you do not need to find motivation and will definitely continue to struggle. Else if the reason to become a designer comes from outside parties. Asked by parents for example, need to find a strong motivation to keep fighting on the line to be selected because basically the line is not part of you.

Out there, a lot of successful fashion designers. They have everything, popularity, wealth, and expertise. But what needs to be noted is that many are not successful whose names are never mentioned in history. Everyone is competing to be the best. Again, firmly intend and do not waste time. If it becomes a desire, immediately develop the ability. But if because of encouragement of others, find motivation or leave.

2. Develop Traffic

After the inauguration of the intention, the next step is to develop the ability. If you want to be a successful fashion designer, developing skills is the first thing to do. Successful designers have a myriad of skills related to fashion. Not only limited to blend color or good at drawing. But more than that.

Being a fashion designer means having a variety of basic skills. The basic skills that must-have are good at drawing, having good color selection and style, able to visualize the concept in three dimensions, and mechanical capabilities such as sewing and cutting of all types of clothing. Imagine the above as early as possible, as young as possible.

What needs to be underlined is the mechanical ability, cutting and sewing. This ability is not usually born out of talent but because of practice. You can follow a sewing course or study with a friend who can sew. Also understand the properties of clothing materials. Understand how the reaction if the material is used, whether the heat for the wearer or not, how if the user a lot of motion, whether quickly tangled or not, and so forth.

3. Learn comprehensively from existing designers

Learn the designs that have been made by successful designers. But do not just learn the concept alone. Learn their backgrounds, what their style, the learning process they are doing, where they study, and so on. Knowing this will help you to inspire.

4. Learn more

If there is a chance, take a course in fashion or short courses related to the designer. This will help improve the ability because of the environmental impact. If you want to go to college, FDIM and Parsons are the most popular design schools in the United States. A lot of material that can be learned there is drawing, color and composition, making patterns, and decking. Another advantage, most fashion schools work together with the fashion industry to allow students to work in the company.

If you do not have the opportunity or cost limitations, submit a proposal for an internship in the fashion industry. Create a portfolio that is quite impressive for the company. But do not be hurt if they give you rough work. You have to be a little heartened to accept this even if you have more ability. Sometimes companies treat it so as to test your earnestness to work there. At least relationships and networks have been obtained.

5. Determine the popular fashion field

One can not master all things. A mathematical scientist, not necessarily an expert in the field of physics. Vice versa. Those who can all knowledge, can be ascertained that the knowledge possessed is not deep enough. Do specialize on one thing.

There are four areas in the fashion world. These areas are haute couture, ready-to-wear, leisure gear, and mass market. Of the four fields above, later on you also have to choose a sub-field. These sub-fields will then become your focus. Sub-fields are divided into various clothing such as women’s clothing, men’s clothing, children’s, accessories, sportswear, and others. To know what areas of passion are, a long journey takes place. Explore one by one all fields. Each has its own uniqueness.

6. Do a simple plan

Before exploring all areas of fashion, usually someone already has an interest or strength in one field. Maybe you are a whiz in the field of accessories, or you will feel satisfied if designing women’s clothing. This is an important key in determining the field of fashion that will be occupied. The next step is to do some simple planning related to this power. Planning is more toward the market demand is what kind of products that can be accepted by the community.

7. Prepare to jump in the fashion industry

Before plunging into the fashion world, do an assessment of your ability. Make an honest assessment, do not push yourself to be accepted in the fashion industry. Learn more the parts that have not been understood. This is given that the competition in the field of fashion is quite tight. You can just love clothing but fashion is only a small part in the world of fashion.

More than ever, there are many other ‘unseen’ abilities. Many things happen in the fashion industry. The invisible ability is like good communication, ready to work very hard, be able to accept criticism, be able to adapt to various clients and bosses, and seek high discipline.

8. Matches and mismatched

Before going any further, recognize this match or this mismatch. The profession as a designer is right for you if you have the following reasons. First, this work is a job that will be occupied in the long run. Second, uncertainty does not become a big problem because it believes that what is done is true. Third, you always have brilliant ideas and fresh. Fourth, able to listen to clients well. Fifth, you live, eat, and breathe with fashion.

This profession is not suitable for you for the following reasons. First, you can not control the pressure well. Second, uncertainty is something to avoid. Third, the desired career is mediocre, not too busy but also not too idle. Fourth, praise is what you love. Fifth, doing work with referrals and instructions is more convenient than without instruction. Sixth, many things become the interest of fashion.

Which part are you? First or second? All decisions are in your hands. Fashion world is a world that is always growing and dynamic. Therefore, it takes also dynamic thinking and really creative.

9. Learn the business side of the fashion world

Being a successful designer requires not only talent and creativity. Talent and creativity are indispensable, but that alone is not enough. Complete your expertise with business and marketing. Do not let you miss information. For reference, read fashion journals like ‘Women’s Wear Daily’. Most fashion majors pursued in college, teaching business and marketing.

10. Do not just learn to be a successful designer

In the fashion industry, there are interrelated chains. Everyone has their own specialization. You have to learn who works in what field. Learn also what they do. Notice how fashion journalists work, notice how the marketing department works, notice how ‘fashion stylist’ works. Thus, you will have a complete understanding of the fashion industry. You are also able to see events from their point of view.