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What are the Effective Remedies for Flea Attack on Dogs?

Everyone loathes the irritation that fleas on dogs cause. On top of being a nuisance, fleas can spread fatal diseases to dogs and humans. So, if your dog is flea-infested, something has to be done about it to avert a serious health crisis at home. Happily, there are several solutions that your dog may use to forestall or eradicate a flea problem. In case any flea treatment for dogs triggers adverse reactions on your pet, don’t hesitate to see a vet about it.

To deal with the dog flea issue, consider options such as:

Topical Medication
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Topical medication may applied on the skin of your pet to fight insects like fleas and ticks. These spot-on remedies contain active ingredients with the ability to kill and repel the insects. The remedies usually spread over the skin of the pet to different parts of the body, and remaining on the sweat glands of the skin. At the sweat glands, the active ingredients may be released over a prolonged period, such as several weeks, helping kill fleas and preventing future flea attack.
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Oral Treatment

If you prefer not to use topical solutions against flea attack on dogs, you may administer oral treatments that are available in plenty. But, don’t forget that some oral treatments are not designed to kill adult fleas. An example is oral therapies that include lufenuron, which work by restricting the ability of adult fleas to produce eggs, nipping their lifecycle, and blocking the expansion of their population.

An example of an oral treatment does kill adult fleas is that which contains nitenpyram. Oral medications that have this active ingredient may be administered on a dog on a daily basis as necessary because they have the capability to eradicate fleas in a couple of hours, and usually, they don’t last an entire month in the pet’s blood stream. That makes the remedies appropriate for use on pregnant and nursing pets.

Sprays and Powders

You may utilize sprays or powders when you want a comparatively inexpensive solution for fighting off flea attack on dogs. Typically, these products contain pyrethrins, which boost their capability to kill insects like fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes. Some sprays and powders use chemicals with the ability to regulate the lifecycle of the specific insect, preventing them from becoming adults, and constraining the growth of their population.

Sprays can sustain effectiveness for a long duration, sometimes months, based on the type of product in question, so long as the pet’s skin stays dry and the chemical does not wash off.

There are many options when it comes to effective flea treatment for dogs. But if doubtful about the safety of a product for you and your pet, consult a vet first.