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How the Best Tactical Flashlight Can Save the Day When shopping for a flashlight that can help with personal safety, a tactical one is the ideal choice. You may select the most appropriate type on the basis if different issues, but reading the best tactical flashlights for 2017 may provide more helpful information. No matter the brand of tactical flashlight you purchase, the device can with personal safety in ways such as: Illuminating Dark Areas Quite obviously, flashlights are meant to provide light in the dark, but many people may not realize that all dark spaces need to be handled as dangerous, from a personal safety view point. When you have a flashlight delivering up to 700+ lumens, you have the capacity to see threats from safe distance and to be fully aware of what lurks in the dark ahead.
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Ascertain that you always rely on your flashlight to “clear” any dark spaces prior to proceeding. This device will help you a lot, whether walking your dog at dusk, talking a walk at night, or reacting to an odd noise within your home compound. Using a flashlight this way will enhance your personal safety and prevent you from unknowingly walking into an ambush.
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Shining Light on the Eyes of an Attacker Due to advancements in technology today, there are different flashlight types that use LED technology to produce high intensity illumination. If you shine the high-intensity light into the eyes of an attacker, they will be disoriented, unable to see you, or look away, even if for a second. A second may not sound like a long period, but it’s sufficient for you to confuse an attacker, go on the offensive, or deal with an immediate threat in any other meaningful way. Impact Resistance If the successful application of your flashlight is a question of personal safety, the device should be shock resistant. During an attack, it may be possible for your flashlight to drop on a hard surface, and you need it to remain intact so you can pick it up and use it to see in the dark. One of the factors behind the suitability of tactical flashlights for personal safety is their construction using durable material, such as aircraft grade aluminum, which is highly impact resistant. Such a flashlight also has a proper gripping texture on its body so that when you close your fist around it, it won’t easily slip out of your hand and give an advantage to an attacker. When shopping for a tactical flashlight, ascertain that you’ve checked it for performance in areas such as run time, beam distance, and light output. Equipped with a heavy-duty tactical flashlight, you’ll be able to see clearly in the dark and avoid running into nasty traps.