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Wound Care: The Vital Medical Supplies Medicine is a crucial part of our lives. You should take care of your wound to safeguard it from infections. There are a lot of wound care supplies available in the market that you can use at the office, in the car or within your home. To respond to emergencies quickly, you require a first aid kit. Below are some wound care items you must have in your first aid kit. Make sure that you always have a sufficient supply of butterfly bandages, a cool gel pack, antibiotic cream, gauze pads, plastic gloves and ibuprofen. These supplies can enable you to handle any type of wound. The other products you need to have are tweezers, witch hazels, baby aspirin, scissors, aloe Vera gel, alcohol as well as peroxide. You can purchase a first aid kit containing wound-care supplies or make your own. When putting together your own first aid kit, consider the most common injuries at your workplace or home. Also, pack some supplies that could help you take care of injuries that occur rarely. These supplies are important to emergencies as they can help you save someone else’s life. When choosing a wound dressing, opt for products that collect pus, blood and other liquids. A great dressing should absorb any odors coming from a wound. The dressing must also be hypoallergenic and non-toxic. The most commonly used materials for dressing wounds are linen and cotton.
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It’s advisable to have an ace bandage at the workplace for strains and sprains. You should also find dental adhesive to store in your office’s first aid kit. The dental adhesive will come in handy for injuries and wounds involving teeth. It’s imperative to keep wounds clean to protect them from infections. Hence, be sure to have a good supply of ointments, cotton balls, cotton swabs and creams for cleaning wounds.
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Injuries can cause a lot of pain. Hence, it’s crucial to keep some aspirin in your first aid kit. Since some people don’t take aspirin, you need to stock buffered aspirin. This kind of aspirin eases pain and it doesn’t cause distress to the stomach. You can give aspirin to an individual experiencing a heart attack. Make sure that you stock medicine that’s age appropriate. For instance, you should have painkillers and antihistamines that kids can consume -if you have children. You should have adult appropriate medicine if you don’t have kids in your car, home or office. There are other wounds that form inside the body. So, you need drugs to help relieve pain and heal those wounds. Antacids are great solutions to heartburns and indigestion. You can use apthasol past, peridex mouthwash or lidex gel to treat mouth sores. Stock your first aid kit with antihistamines to treat people who have allergic reactions to insects, dust or food.