Know the Paper Decal Sticker Printing

Decal paper could be an alternative to increase the aesthetics of a product, for example a vehicle like what dealers do in their cars, the doors of the house, even a vase. On this occasion, given the description of the decal paper, and what distinguishes it from stickers material such as vinyl stickers, die cut stickers, sticker, and others were widely circulated.

Here’s Paper Decal Sticker Printing

Basically, sticker decal is a material transfer media that has a very high ability to absorb water. On the surface there is also a glue material is often referred to as acasia glue. The printing process printing sticker design will give us a solid thin layer at a time which will be released when soaked in water within a few moments. Indeed many sticker printing services that provide material decal paper, even many sticker printing vendor that can provide a lot of variety decal paper with very good quality and reasonably priced. The buyer will only have to choose the line with expectations, goals, and preferences. For example, when dealers using decal for their promotion in their cars, or we usually call it dealer decals.

In contrast with name stickers or vinyl sticker, decal affixed to the many ceramic materials to objects contoured or uneven surface. You can see the decal material in goods such as helmets, ceramic mugs, wooden decoration, temporary tattoos, robot kits, and even car kits. Decal will also stick in a very long time on the surface of items such as these. So it can be used as an alternative material to add to the decorations on someone’s pet stuff than paint the depiction process quite difficult.

So, what else is special about this kind of stickers? Material in the decal can withstand extremely hot temperatures, including temperatures of 800 to 1200 degrees Celsius, which is a ceramic combustion temperature. Another ingredient for a kind of vinyl sticker cutting sticker might catch on fire or melt when heated so it reduces the value of an item. The ink can be directly damaged if it is not mixed in a special medium that is made for the ink to be heated. No need to worry anyway because the customer can set sticker decal variations suitable for the product to be made to the sticker printing services. Simply put, making pictures or designs on a material decal screen printing technique or screen printing. If there is already a more modern that is using the printer on decal materials, meaning that the material in question has been coated with a special coating. This layer is quite easy to get now, especially in stores that sell goods related to sticker printing.

In conclusion, this decal stickers material could be an alternative if you want to realize the design of sticker printing on hard goods such as ceramics and helmets. What are you waiting for? Start designing and visit a variety of sticker printing services are trusted.