Online Business From Home

1. Become a Writer Release

Currently, quite a lot of you know freelancer profession as a freelance writer, be it writing articles in English or writing articles Indonesian. For the article in English is usually the pricing is more expensive than Indonesian article. There are few places that can be explored to get a job from people who are looking for an article writer.

Why are so many people living as a freelance writer? Still dealing with online business model in point 3, the online business by building a blog / website portal. Usually blogs / websites that had started many visitors would need to employ article writers to update content. More and more content is built, then the chances of getting traffic will also increase. That’s why freelance writers are often sought by the owner of the blog / website.

However, you have to be selective to register as a freelance writer for not infrequently the owners of blogs / websites that only want to pay the author with a very low rate. Such a low rate makes the writers are not eager to create good content. Determine the rate you want from the start, adjust the difficulty level content topics and quality of your writing.

2. Sell Web Services Developer

There are many services that can be sold online. One of them is a service to create a website / blog a professional or often referred to as a web developer. Business opportunities that this one I think has great potential because not many people who can create a professional website for their business.

Of course, to be a web developer qualified skills needed to be able to create a blog / website that is professional. Actually, to create a website is not too difficult, we can use the WordPress platform with an appropriate theme with niche websites. However, if you want to be a real web developer, then you need to learn the basics of building a good website.

3. Online MLM Business

This is a Multi Level Marketing business that run online. Unlike conventional MLM business is usually time and energy for the meetings, follow up prospective member, and the purchase of goods, all processes can be done online.

However, please note that not all MLM business has a good system, make sure the online MLM business that you follow has great products and a great and profitable system.


Actually there are many business opportunities small capital we can do from home but unfortunately I can not write them all in this short article. One thing we need to remember that although business or businesses that run only with a small capital does not mean small profits to be obtained as well.