How to Select the Best Scrapyard

In my last article, I endeavored to convince you that you should take the time to recycle scrap metal at any opportunity. If you have listened to my advice, then we now come to the next step: figuring out where to sell it.

One thing you will want to consider is convenience. After all, scrap metal doesn’t usually bring a lot of money unless you are bringing in truckloads of it. It isn’t worth a huge inconvenience for most people. So, you will want to choose a scrap yard that is as close to your home as possible. You will also want to evaluate how difficult they are to do business with. Some scrap yards will keep you waiting for quite a while before they actually take your scrap. Then they make you wait again before they pay you. Taking a few bags of aluminum soda cans to different scrap yards can give you an idea as to who has the best customer service and the speediest staff.

Of course, you want to look at prices. You can call up any scrap yard and they will tell you exactly how much they give for various types of metal. It is not necessarily as simple as choosing the place that gives the most money. You also have to think about location. If you end up driving an extra 30 miles to get a couple more cents on the pound, you probably didn’t do yourself any favors. When you factor in the extra gas money, you probably made less money in the end.

Another factor to consider is roll off services. If you have enough scrap, some scrap yards will bring a large container and a scale to your location. They will weigh your scrap, pay you on the spot, and haul it off. Or, they may simply bring a large steel box-type container and let you fill it up for a set amount. For industrial roll off Chicago Heights IL has a few different options so just call around.

Hours also matter when choosing a scrap metal buyer. If you have a great scrapyard that is only open during hours that you are at work, it becomes a problem that cannot really be resolved. The only thing you can do is switch yards. Also, some scrap yards have very inconsistent hours. There is nothing worse than loading up all that dirty old scrap metal and hauling it to the yard, only to find that they are inexplicably closed because the owner had a hangover or something. So, you definitely want to avoid those who keep inconsistent hours.

Another tip to remember when evaluating a scrap metal business is to examine the level of technology employed there. Those that have the best equipment are usually the ones who are running the tightest ship, meaning that they are making more money and are thus probably giving more money. A look at the state of the equipment can give you an idea of whether that place is a well-run machine, or a dog and pony show. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you to avoid the latter.