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Tips in Choosing the Right Chainsaw and Pole Saw

There are people who love to do things themselves around the house especially home repairs and improvements. These DIYers don’t only confine themselves to indoor jobs but with outdoor jobs as well. You can quickly and safely perform some of the most common outdoor improvements with the proper technique and the right tools and equipment. You can improve your outdoors greatly with tree trimming or pruning. For this task you need to buy and know the following.

IF you need to trim a short tree or the lower branches of a tall tree, then you will need a standard chainsaw. Your power tool retailer will offer you different sizes of chainsaws based on blade size and engine size.

A 34 cc engines is sufficient for your needs if you are making occasional home adjustments or doing small jobs. If you are more experienced and have a lot of trees in your home, then you can go for a professional grade chainsaw which usually range from 65 cc to 125 cc.
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Getting a 50 cc chainsaw is usually a good compromise. This places between your standard homeowner chainsaw and the powerful or dangerous professional model. This is the perfect size for cutting firewood.
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If you want to trim higher branches from taller trees , then it is ideal to get a pole saw. A pole saw or a pole pruner is also a piece of power equipment that has a small chainsaw at the end of a long pole. Here the blades are smaller and it has a 30 cc engine range. This type of saw is ideal for cutting hard to reach branches.

The metal blade around which the chainsaw rotates is the chainsaw bar. The bar length, the chain brake, and the chain catch are three important features of a chainsaw to consider. When cutting through branches, the amount of leverage you have is determined by the bar length. The bars of 50 cc chainsaws are about 16 to 20 inches.

The size of bars for much smaller poles is around eight inches long. The more powerful professional grade tools have bars that are three feet longer than standard ones. Although difficult to control, longer bars can cut bigger pieces of wood faster. The most important consideration of any piece of power equipment is safety features.

This is the reason why brakes are important. The safety feature of a chain brake is automatically activated when the chain gets caught in the word or hits something hard. This makes the chain stop from spinning automatically, and this protects you from an errant blade or from losing control of your saw.

A chain catch is a device that protects you from an out of control chain. Sometimes a chain breaks or leap off its tracks so to prevent harm, the catch stops the chain’s rotation.