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Origami Instructions: The Basics The starting point of origami is still not known until this day. In China during the first century AD, paper was first developed, and during the sixth century AD, the invention was then brought to Japan by the Buddhist monks. Even so, during those times, not a lot of records have been written in history – one reason why until this day, no one can really tell where origami started, either in China or in Japan. Despite all these, not one person will argue that it was Japan who first considered origami as an art form. The term ‘origami’ has its roots from the Japanese where ‘oru’ and ‘kami’ mean ‘to fold’ and ‘paper’ respectively. Making origami during the younger years is something a lot of adults remember. The scenario always involves watching another child teaching another child how to properly fold a paper airplane and the like. By the time more and more people enjoyed the art of paper folding, origami instructions were then invented to make paper toys such as animals, water balloons, airplanes, and boats. The end result for this craft is countless other ways to be folding a piece of paper. So that people will not have a hard time understanding origami instructions, a specific fold language came to exist. Take, for example, the terms ‘valley fold’ and ‘mountain fold’ have been used to connote the same understanding. For majority of origami pieces, they always start off with some basic folding patterns with the likes of the ‘bird base’ and ‘square base’. Even with just basic paper folding skills, you are sure to come a long way when it comes to creating origami items.
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In the present times, there are special origami kits being sold in the market. These kits contain paper squares where you can find its color only on one side. This coloring scheme is what makes the origami that you are making achieve a three dimensional effect. You can also easily fold such paper from these kits because they are being made into very thin sheets. If you are unable to purchase these origami kits, then you can always use scrap paper coming from your standard printer paper. This kind of paper works best in making paper airplanes with its size and weight, that is if you have bigger airplanes, then it will fly better. When it comes to true origami, there is no need to use any markers, glue, or scissors because you will only be using a single piece of paper. Even so, since origami making must be a fun thing to do, then it is up to you what things you like to use.
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Patience, creativity, and following a process are the things that you can get when you do origami folding. Meanwhile, for adults, origami helps in letting you bond more with your children and be a great stress reliever.