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Choosing the Right Phone System for Your Business

A phone system may not be among your priorities when running a small business. The crucial function that the phone system plays also goes unnoticed most of the time even when your business is running smoothly.

The wide variety of phone systems available in the market can shock you when looking to upgrade your current system. You are bound to find a phone system that will be suitable for your business needs. The systems have various features that may or may not be beneficial for your business. With the many types of systems available in the market, it can be challenging to know which one to go with. Read on for an overview of the phone systems you are likely to come across during your search.

Types of Phone System
During your research, you are likely to come across two types of phone systems. One of the types is the Private Branch Exchange, also known simply as PBX. These systems usually have dedicated operators. Modern PBX phones come in a variety of sizes. The phone systems are ideal for many businesses and are also affordable.
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The key system is another small business phone system you can go for. With this phone system, you can control other phones in the unit using a key. Also known as the KSU, the functions and features of every phone in your business such as voice mail are controlled by the system. With the KSU, no phone line will be active more than once at the same time.
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The KSU system allows you to dial different phones in your office through extensions. A KSU system allows you to monitor how the system is functioning to determine whether the needs of the specific users in your office are met. You can expand the capabilities of the KSU with various communication software.

Many small businesses use KSU and PBX phone systems. These two systems use similar technology. A few years ago, PBX systems used more advanced technology than KSU systems. However, today, both systems use the same technology. During your research, you may also come across phone systems with the same features of both KSU and PBX phones. The phone systems are called “hybrids” and can be easily adjusted to meet the unique needs of your company.

A KSU-less system will be ideal for a business that has less than 10 employees. The KSU-less system works in a similar manner to a KSU system. However, while a KSU system has a central unit, the KSU-less one does not have. Unlike is the case with most conventional phone system, you do not have to wire a KSU-less system to the building. Moreover, since the systems do not come with complicated equipment, you can move with them when your business changes buildings.