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Is There Any Difference between Web Design and Web Development?

Companies maintain a positive public figure by keeping their website up to date. Customers will keep on looking for goods and services online. They achieve this by visiting the various websites by different companies. Companies whose websites are eye catching are at a higher chance of attracting many customers. As a result, it is important to keep your website developed even as time goes by so as to allure new customers to your business as they get in the online platform.

The above can be achieved by hiring the services of a web designer and a web developer. Whereas the task of developing a website is left in the hands of a web developer, the task of designing a website is entirely the job of a web designer. This leaves the task of hiring both experts to handle individual tasks independent of each other.

One of the task that a web designer handles is designing a website. Whenever a customer glances at a website, what he/she sees is entirely the job of a web designer. A website is designed in such a way to attract a new client while at the same time retain an old client. This means that a website should be made to look beautiful. The other crucial thing to think about is the usability of features you find in a website. Customers want a website they can easily handle as they look into new products. Therefore, the duty of a web designer should be using features that a client will find friendly.

Other notable differences include the type of design programs a web developer will use from those of a web developer. For example, a web developer will use JavaScript while a web designer Adobe Photoshop. Other than these programs being different from each other, both perform functions different from each other. In addition, the features that Adobe Photoshop has are different from those that JavaScript has.

You may be wondering why hiring these two professionals for your business is necessary. But without them, your business fails to risk a chance of dying due to lack of customers. Both the sales and profit you get improve. Even before a web designer sets to begin his/her job, they must first assess the products, services and general shape of your business. Thereafter, they will be able to come up with a design that suits your business. As a result, clients will be able to scoop the satisfaction they deserve from your business after being served by your staff.

To enhance the functionality of a website, web developers employ the use of new technologies. This means that, at no point will your website lag behind due to failure in updates. As technology advances, it becomes important to update your website. Businesses become more effective with the use of latest technology.