Top Four Birthday Party Venues

A lot of planning and deducing goes into the hosting a successful birthday party, be it a small private birthday party for your toddler’s first year or throwing a cookout for the entire neighborhood in your backyard. Therefore, it is a good idea to take a lot of precaution especially when it comes to the budget as well as the venue selection. It’s also important to note that the venue of the party not only depends on the type of birthday party but also the number of people you’re planning on inviting.
Marinating on the number of invitees is very important because it’ll also help you calculate the cost of the food, booze (if any) as well as the necessary birthday decorations. Without further ado, here are some incredible birthday party locations you can to consider the next time you’re thinking of hosting one:

Renting a neighbor’s backyard

It’s no secret that some of the most memorable birthday parties many had in their childhoods were hosted in their respective backyards. This is partly because most backyards offer enough space for eating, drinking, dancing, swimming and so on. The invitees can also have easy access into the house with ease in case they need a change of clothes or use the restroom. Backyard birthday parties are also affordable even if one doesn’t own one because they can simply rent a neighbor’s backyard for a few hours and do so on a budget. Besides, renting a backyard nearby is way cheaper than booking a public venue. (ex. Click here to read on the importance of budgeting)

Renting out the gym

Birthday parties are supposed to be filled to the brim with nothing but pure, organic fun and happiness. And that’s why holding one in a gym seems to be more than just an incredible idea. For starters, gyms have a lot of space that, with a little work, can be used as an arena for games and dancing. You can also throw your neighborhood DJ into the mix simply because a party is not a party until the party people are blessed with a good mix of timeless hits.
(ex. Click here to learn on the importance of having fun especially at birthday parties)

Renting a Livingroom

Sometimes all you need in order to throw the birthday of the year is your Living room. This is usually the case especially when hosting a small, private birthday celebration. You can have about 5-10 close friends, some booze and munchies and some good music. If your Living room isn’t big enough, then renting one for a day or weekend would be a great idea. Such birthday parties usually go well with drinking games in front of the nicely lit bonfire by the beach. If it’s a kid’s birthday party, then you can never go wrong replacing the booze with some cool arts and crafts. Also, throwing some cotton candy and freshly baked cookies into the mix wouldn’t hurt even a single bit.

Renting the Park or your church gym

The park is without a doubt an amazing venue for holding birthday parties, especially for celebrities. In this case, one will have to seek a permit from the relevant authorities before commencing with hosting the event. But if you can’t afford to rent out the park for a few hours, then your church gym is without a doubt the perfect alternative. The church gym would be a much cheaper option especially if you’re a devoted member of the congregation.