What Does Military Grade Mean?

You may find many definitions of the phrase “Military Grade”, however, the requirements of the United States Military span a huge range. Rock solid dependability is a must for our great military, and second best is not even in the military lexicon.

When it comes to cabling for equipment that the military uses, there can be no errors. Top quality is the main focus, and top quality must be the end result. Failure is not an option (is that a copyrighted phrase?) Military cable is absolutely critical and requires special attention to detail in the manufacturing process. Fortunately, American industry and manufacturing is the world standard, and supplying our great military is a great honor. We all strive to provide them with the best we can.

Wire harnesses and power cables adhere to stringent processes and protocols at the military manufacturing level, and every detail is scrutinized. From quality of raw materials, to design and fabrication itself, tremendous expertise and experience are applied to these products, and the professionals who produce them are certified technicians of the highest order. The military itself drives technical advancement at a much higher rate than normal supply and demand businesses, and the results are very good. They have to be, our soldiers depend on it.

The cabling aspect for military equipment could not be more important, and the experts who provide such cables to the armed forces know this. The pride drives the production. Working closely with the military contractors themselves helps to ensure that each and every cable conforms to exact specs and meets every performance requirement. The capability to fabricate unique requests is the hallmark of expert suppliers to the armed forces. The phrase “Battle tested” is actually true for this important equipment. Some of the applications for this type of cabling includes, but is not limited to:

  • Expandable shelter containers
  • TPS-77 portable radar platforms
  • Aircraft hangars

and much more.

Those who are seeking high quality cabling for military applications know full well what is necessary for the job they need it for. Though supplying for the military is very competitive, everyone involved knows how important it is to have the highest quality possible. The cable systems are particularly important, and each individual wire will be fabricated beyond standard. Not only that, custom designs for certain cable applications can be offered, and specialized production methods developed for them.

This is indeed an industrial level operation which also caters to private companies too. The unique demands of supplying the military benefit public and private businesses alike. When military standards are met and often exceeded, the carryover to standard components for the civilian population are there for our fellow citizens as well.

Altogether this is a professional manufacturing and supplying business for the masses, and staying competitive means maintaining expert level practices across the board. The products speak for themselves and keep the customers returning. Repeat business is the best business, and all of the experts know this and strive for it.