What is a Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is an aspect of health care associated with functional rehabilitation. The goal is for the handling of disability, injuries and disorders by improving movement through physical improvements. Physical therapy focused on design techniques to maximize function, movement and quality of life of patients with various medical conditions.

In physical therapy like in New York City, the person’s ability to perform movements assessed, and tangible goals formulated and agreed upon. The process involves encourage and train the patient to maximize the ability of movement in order to function as much as possible. Patients, nurses, doctors and therapists are all involved in the practice of physical therapy. This is commonly done by occupational therapists to work with a physical therapist to help patients

The specificity of physical therapy NYC includes various series of physical exercises designed specifically to fit the patient’s ability and intent. Manual therapy, including active and passive movements. Health and fitness education programs are also recommended in the practice of physical therapy. In addition, physical therapy also promote health and active lifestyle.

Physical therapy has a wide scope in terms of knowledge and practice. There are several areas of specialization physical therapist. Recovery with heart and lung physical therapy can improve breathing, durability and function before and after surgery on a heart-lung surgery patients. Meanwhile, the physical therapist-nerve-directed to the recovery of the lost muscle strength and retraining activities in daily life as well as ambulatory / movement of patients with neurological disorders such as stroke, cerebral palsy and Parkinson’s disease.

Physical therapy for a variety of skin conditions such as burns and prolonged / chronic, aims to reduce interference shape and stiffness of the joints and improve wound healing well. Physical therapy of bone-muscle diseases handling the muscle-bone, such as sprains or spinal cord injury and others. It can also help patients faster recovery after bone-muscle surgery, such as hip replacement surgery and amputation. Almost similar, the physical therapy sports medicine, focusing on the health of athletes and sports teams, in handling injuries include sprains, tearing ligaments and fractures. Physical therapy is also important in palliative care, helping patients reduce dependence on caregivers, and improve their quality of life.

Besides all the above, there is also a physical therapist in children, focusing with increased motor skills base, coordination and cohesion of thought in children as well as with a physical therapist in the elderly, focus on relieving pain and maximizing the functions on the condition of adults such as arthritis and Alzheimer’s disease. Other specialties include electrophysiology physical therapy and women’s health.