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Types Of Malpractices Found In Medical Profession

A medical malpractice means a situation where a physician has gone against their professional ethics of service delivery causing harm to the patient. It results from a physician’s failure to be careful causing unprecedented damage. Determining whether an act is a malpractice will be viewed as whether the personnel performed in a different way from that other professional would have acted. An example of a malpractice is when a patient attendant gives different drugs to a patient from what was initially prescribed by a medical expert.

Most of the popular malpractices are surgical malpractices. The doctor may operate a wrong organ instead of the correct organ. There have been cases where surgical doctors have left surgical tools inside a human being after the operation. Not all practices may be regarded as negligent or malpractices. Most of the decisions are well thought of before concluding a practice is a malpractice or not. There are various practices in the medical profession that may fall under the category of the malpractices.

Medical chart mistakes are malpractices where a nurse or a physician makes an inaccurate recording on a medical chart that causes errors in the preceding treatment. Examples of such mistakes are incorrect medicines and illegal medical procedure. The result to this is unprecedented effects and health consequences.
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Other popular malpractices in the medical profession are incorrect medicine prescription. The doctor may form a wrong opinion of drugs for an individual disease while the pharmacist may administer different medicines intended for a certain disease. The doctor might also ignore the medicines the patient is currently taking and give some more that might react dangerously to the patient. Such results arise from the doctor’s failure to consider the medical history of the patient.
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Performing a wrong anesthesia is another common malpractice anesthesiologists do. Anesthesia helps the patient stay asleep the whole period of the operation and giving an incorrect one may cause the patient wake in the middle of an operation.

The doctors may fail to make a correct diagnosis for a certain disease or even delay the diagnosis which gives the disease time to spread to acute levels. For cancer patients, if the doctor delays the diagnosis, it becomes worse for them and their health.

Malpractices done during birth are also common in the health profession where mistakes are made during birth. They usually result in the death of the mother or the child or cause permanent organ damage. The cases are extraordinarily costly to the insurance companies. The result of most of these malpractices end up with the victim filing a lawsuit where proper compensations are done. In cases where the parties cannot agree on a settlement sum, the jury in the court decides the case. There are cases where the physicians and medical experts completely lose their permits to continue practicing medicine and anything pertaining to such.